B. V. Karanth

Fritz Benevitz

Habib Tanvir


Georges Lavadant


Pankaj Saxena

Bansi Kaul

John Martyn

Brajmohan Shah

Lokendra Trivedi

Subhash Udgata

is a professional repertory. It owns an impressive theatre library and data bank.

Rangmandal is not a mere production–oriented repertory. It believes in imparting practical training to its member to participate in all aspects of mounting a production and explore new dimensions of theatre. Its objective is a sustained theater movement that becomes a way of life rather than a sporadic activity. It seeks to draw upon and contribute to indigenous traditions and styles of drama. It works on the conviction that theater must have a local complexion and flavor, a national spirit and a universal vision. The artists have traveled and collected material on folk drama forms.

Rangmandal has presented more than 1000 shows of over 50 plays. Rangmandal also has to its credit several successful performances in Bundeli, Chhattisgarhi and Malavi dialects of Hindi.

Many contemporary theatre person of international renown have organized workshops for Rangmandal. Among them are Peter Brook, Eugenio Barba, Fritz Bennewitz, Barry John, Badal Sircar, Ratan Thiyam, Niranjan Goswami, Astad Deboo, Bharat Sharma, Tapas Sen and Prabhakar Bhave. The artist of Rangamandal have had the benefit of working with such directors as B.V.Karanth,Fritz Bennewitz, John Martin, Kavalam Narayan Pannikar, Habeeb Tanveer, Bansi Kaul, Neelam Mansingh choudhary, Rajendra Gupta, B.M. Shah, Jaidev Hattangadi, Georges Lavadant, Alakhnandan, Shymanand Jalan, Rudraprasad Sengupta and M.K.Raina etc. Its plays have been staged in several towns of Madhya Pradesh and have also been invited to almost all the major cities of India. Three of its plays have been telecast by the Doordarshan.

The off-stage activities of Rangmandal include play-writing workshops, a symposium on Drama Music, an All-India Street Theatre Mela, a Theatre Workshop for Amateur Theatre Groups of Madhya Pradesh etc.

Rangmandal has also hosted muilti-lingual drama festivals and several guest performances by well-known theatre groups of India and abroad.



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