Established in 1986 the ceramic workshop at Bharat Bhavan came into existence with a prime objective of providing basic facilities and infrastructure to those artists and art students who are inclined to work in ceramic, clay and terracotta mediums. The workshop has a well built spacious hall where more than 30 artists may work at a time, either manually or on manually rotated wheels. Facilities of wood fuelled kiln, electric kiln and gas kiln are available here. A long stretched open ground is occasionally utilised for the metal casting and stone carving as well. Many great ceramic artists belonging to foreign lands and India have worked in this work shop whenever there are special camps and symposiums organized by Roopankar Bharat Bhavan. Both urban and folk tribal artists are given opportunities to work here. Those who are interested to work in ceramic and teracotta and who have a Diploma in Fine Arts may obtain an admission by paying a monthly fee of Rs. 200/-. The material required, like, clay, chemicals, glazes and other things are made available to the working artists on market price. The Ceramic Workshop has a good space for the display of the art objects in an adjoining area to the workshop. The visitors and the art lovers may enjoy viewing the display and may have an interactive dialogue with the artists working here.

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In keeping with the policy of the state government towards making the activities of various cultural institutions more independent & also involving the private sector and public organigations, cultural foundations & trusts in their activities, sponsorship & contributions are welcome from individuals & organisations for specific programmes or to THE BHARAT BHAWAN’S CORPUS FUND.

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