Folk and Tribal Art Collection is the most significant part of the Roopankar Fine Art Museum. The Founders of  Bharat Bhavan also envisioned the presence of a tribal art gallery along side   of the modern art gallery. It was felt that the confrontation between urban modern and folk tribal art forms might cause remarkable and lusting changes in the general outlook of the modern artist. It was also emphasized that the folk tribal objects and images far from being merely curio-objects would become powerfull presence for the folk tribal artist who live in the pure natural surrounding of the country side in the hills mountains and in the forest and desert of our state Madhya Pradesh.

Here is a unique collection mostly executed by the tribal artists of Madhya Pradesh who are represented through their art consisting of more than 1800 art works. The artists belonging to the tribal regions like Bastar, Nimar, Malwa, Bundelkhand and Sarguja. The tribal art gallery proudly displays the works of such well known folk and tribal artists as Pema Fatya, Bhoori Bai, Ladobai, Durga Bai, Jangarh Singh Shyam, Mitthi Bai, Sundari Bai and many others who mostly hail from the various tribal regions populated by Gond, Baiga, Bhil, Rajwar and Pardhan racesand sects. The folk and tribal art gallery of Bharat Bhavan exhibits the art works selected from the Roopankar Tribal Art Museum.

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In keeping with the policy of the state government towards making the activities of various cultural institutions more independent & also involving the private sector and public organigations, cultural foundations & trusts in their activities, sponsorship & contributions are welcome from individuals & organisations for specific programmes or to THE BHARAT BHAWAN’S CORPUS FUND.

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